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Seeking Justice:

Access to Remedy for Corporate Human Rights Abuse

Forthcoming with Cambridge University Press

The book begins by challenging the widely accepted notion of the “governance gap” amongst business and human rights scholars and practitioners. Drawing on a unique dataset, the Corporations & Human Rights Database (CHRD), this book focuses on contemporary corporate human rights abuses since 2000 and identifies how the claim-making process shapes when victims have access to remedy mechanisms (i.e., judicial or non-judicial efforts). 

The book develops a "varieties of remedy" approach and identifies the scope conditions that effect access to remedy. The approaches developed therein challenge existing narratives about when and where accountability efforts are possible.

Finally, Seeking Justice engages with recent political theory work on agonism and asks whether these mechanisms “work"; that is, does confrontation about corporate human rights abuses shape broader measures of democratic quality (e.g., political participation or the respect of political and civil rights). These findings have important implications, as not all remedy is equal when it comes to improving democratic institutions and strengthening human rights protections.

If you'd like to learn more about the book or the CHRD, please be in touch.

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